About Us

"" Petrified wood is a stone of strength, courage and business success "" Myanmar has been gifted with riches and the beauty of different assortment of petrified woods with varying size, color, shape and purity. Myanmar Golden Bridge Gems Co.,Ltd was established since 2007. After several years later shwe ingjin gems inc: was formed to handle the petrified woods sale and production as of 2010. The first and only company which was allowed for sales and showcasing at the world famous gems emporium at naypyidaw in 2011 june. The company produces various sizes of well polished petrified woods. Petrified wood products and other semiprecious stones, including quartz and crystals. Myanmar Golden Bridge Gems Co.,Ltd has two showrooms and a workshop in Yangon, Myanmar. Our company also opened museum of special petrified woods , animal fossils and other rare semiprecious stones of Myanmar in same place with showroom.